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Bottle Cap Challenge – Squash Version!

We’ve all seen the Bottle Cap Challenges, so we thought we’d join in and bring squash into the mix!


Squash Legend David Palmer inducted into the Australian Commonwealth Games Hall of Fame


Infographic Highlighting Squash Practice Etiquette Released

squash-etiquette-infographic-east-coast-squash-academy_origCLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ACCESS THE INFOGRAPHIC!




Commonwealth Games Infographic launched

The East Coast Squash Academy recently launched a colourful Commonwealth Games Infographic…. Have a look!




Australian Squash Bouncing Back?

Squash has always been popular in Australia, but it hasn’t been without its ups and downs. Aaron Frankcomb of The East Coast Squash Academy in Sydney explains Squash’s recent rebound.

That is encouraging for all us squash fanatics!




What it takes to create a champion

It’s been said it takes a village to raise a child… and it takes a collection of squash clubs to create a champion!


Madeline Perry Signs With East Coast Squash Academy

Madeline Perry Signs With East Coast Squash Academy

Sydney, NSW, Australia (19, January, 2016) – The East Coast Squash Academy is proud to announce and welcome Former World #3, Madeline Perry, as the Academy’s Head Professional. Perry will be responsible for managing and coaching a variety of programs at both Willoughby Squash Club and Bondi Waverley Squash Club.

Perry joins the Academy after playing full-time on the WSA/PSA tour for the past 17 years. Perry represented Ireland in 5 Commonwealth Games and is the most successful squash player in history of Ireland Squash. She has won 13 World Tour Titles and was ranked within the top 10 WSA players for over 10 consecutive years. Perry retired from the professional world tour in the middle of 2015.

“I am really excited to be joining the East Coast Squash Academy’s coaching team” Perry exclaims. “Having recently retired from the world tour, coaching will be a new and exciting challenge for me. Australia has always been a big influence within the squash world and it will be great to be a part of it.”

Aaron Frankcomb, Director of The East Coast Squash Academy is also very excited to welcome Perry to the Academy. “We are thrilled to have such a great player like Madeline, join our team. This will be a great opportunity for our juniors, members and master players to gain outstanding guidance from such an experienced and accomplished player.”

The East Coast Squash Academy aims to consistently provide professional, world-class squash coaching, whilst also offer job opportunities for top players coming off the tour. “We are proud to offer coaching roles to retiring world class players, encouraging them to settle in Australia to strengthen the game of squash here,” Frankcomb adds. “This opportunity places Sydney and Australia in a great position to increase the standard and exposure to our junior, elite and professional players who are training to one day go on the professional playing circuit. We also hope this will continue to increase female participation within the sport.”

Frankcomb also believes it is important to have professional coaches inside clubs building coaching programs and competition. “For squash clubs to succeed, they need to expand the pool of players by providing children and adults a wider range of opportunities within a variety of programs matched to age and level of proficiency. This is why we seek out masters of the game like Madeline to attract the most keen squash players of both genders and all ages. Everyone wants to get close to a world-class champion!”

The East Coast Squash Academy:

Founded in 2011 when Aaron Frankcomb retired from the Professional Squash Tour, the East Coast Squash Academy set out to create a business model to expand the presence of squash within local communities surrounding squash centres. The first installation was at Willoughby Squash Club where Frankcomb was hired as the club’s resident squash pro.

Since inception, the Academy has produced some stellar results including: Attracting a handful of junior players with aspirations of going on the professional (PSA) tour. Its junior program has the biggest contingent of players on the NSW Squash Junior ranking list, with players on the NSW junior state teams, Australian junior teams and Australian senior players. The Academy has developed NSW and Australian Junior Champions.

The Academy is home base to two full time senior players that have reached careers highs of top 240 in the world on the Men’s PSA Tour. Its best female professional reached a top world ranking of 130.

The junior program now boasts over 500 children participating in weekly squads and training sessions. Memberships and participation in squads have increased by 100% and 300% respectively and tournament registrations are at an all-time high.

The Bondi Waverley Squash Club is the second squash club to join the Academy, in 2014.

Contact details:

Tel: 0424 474 001
Facebook: East Coast Squash Academy

Aaron Frankcomb:

Aaron Frankcomb was ranked in the top 100 professional squash players for 8 years, 4 years in the top 50, winning 3 PSA titles. He represented Australia at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, was a Junior Champion in all age groups including 2 times in the Under 19 category and holder of scholarships in the Tasmanian and Australian Institutes Of Sport. He now coaches professionally and remains Sydney’s top ranked squash player and is still considered within the top 5 players in Australia.

Contact details:

Tel: 0424 474 001
Facebook: Aaron Head Pro WilloughbySquash

Willoughby Squash Club

Willoughby Squash Club has been Sydney’s premier squash club for over 30 years. Boasting 10 singles courts and Sydney’s only regulation championship sized doubles courts. Willoughby is also a site for Australia’s #1 squash store, with the largest selection of squash racquets, shoes, and accessories; the club also has an onsite restringing service.

(w) 0299581399
(a) 443 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW 2068

Bondi Waverley Squash Club

Bondi Waverley is a member-run club located in the heart of Bondi Junction. A beautiful four-court centre and bar, Bondi Waverley Squash Club has entered teams in Sydney’s pennant competition for over 40 years. In addition to courts, the club is also available for functions in the spacious bar and lounge, with pool tables and poker machines. The club is now the second location for East Coast Squash Academy and hosts annual tournaments as well as regular programs for all skill levels and age groups.

(w) 0293871452
(a) 8 Denison Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022



Squash At The 2020 Olympics?!?!?

The are many reasons why squash should be in the Olympics. Believe it or not, squash is still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics. If you want to see squash in the 2020 Olympics, click on the LINK below.

Make sure you forward this link
to as many of your squash buddies as you can -


More reasons why squash should be in the Olympics

Below is a list of why squash should be in the Olympics, but first, place your vote here:

  • It’s a growing, global sport, played in 185 countries on over 50,000 courts by youngsters, men and women of all ages
  • Genuine legends from across the globe [from Egypt, Malaysia, New Zealand to England]
  • All 5 continental regions have produced both male and female world champions
  • Global reach/increasing popularity in emerging markets [India, China/Hong Kong, Russia,
  • Popular in countries which are not traditionally dominant at the Olympic Games [Egypt/Malaysia]
  • Thriving, successful and well-established men’s and women’s tours
  • Spanning every corner of the globe from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa to Oceania
  • Unique ability to showcase a host city with full glass courts and small physical footprint enables squash to showcase a host city like no
    other sport [Pyramids, Hong Kong Harbour etc]
  • Easy and cost-effective to integrate into the Olympic Games with just 64 athletes, 2 competition courts and 5 day tournament schedule
  • Already played in every major multi-sport games: Including the Commonwealth, Pan Am, Asian and World Games
  • Afirst class anti-doping record, fully compliant with the WADA code – our record speaks for itself
  • The Olympic Games would be the absolute pinnacle for athletes
  • Squash personifies the essence of Olympic Sport: Gladiatorial, requiring peak physical fitness and chess like strategy to excel
  • Squash is the “world’s healthiest sport” [Forbes Magazine] Spectators feel part of the action/see and
    hear everything up close
  • It is the only racket sport where players share same space – ensuring unique flow/competitiveness
  • Teaches young people about tactics and movement; played by young and old alike
  • Squash – is driving growth & embracing change
    • Utilising latest broadcast technology
    • Electronic referee decision-making, video review and big-screen presentation of decisions
      Rolling out courts in urban areas
    • All-glass show courts, and glass floors adding a new dimension
    • World Squash Day [5 Nov] focus on attracting girls/women to squash

Can you tie your shoe laces?

Can you tie your shoe laces? Are you sure? Watch this TED TALK video and you might realise you are part of the 80-90% who don’t tie their shoe laces correctly!

It’s totally normal to wonder why a video on tying your shoelaces would be on a blog dedicated to the Mindset Of A Champion…

The reason is simple: A Champion makes sure he/she eliminates ALL sources of error or potential problems. The all-time greatest Basketball Coach John Wooden would teach ALL his new recruits how to tie their shoe laces as part of their initiation because in his words “the last thing I want is to lose a point because your shoe laces come untied at the worst possible moment.”

Without becoming superstitious, you can establish a disciplined regimen to remove as many imponderables as possible. For example, I cut about 4″ or 10 cm off my squash shoe laces IMMEDIATELY when I unpack them from the box. I have 3 to 4 shoes that I rotate at any given time so that I am never stuck competing or training intensively with new shoes that aren’t broken in.

These are some of the many details that make a difference.