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Great Quotes

I thought I would try something new – asking you to send me any great quotes you have. My father in law, Kurt Derrer, sent me this one which prompted this idea. He was going through some old papers and came across this one…

“ Man Who Says….. ‘It cannot be done’

should not interrupt  ‘ Woman who is doing it’”

There’s this one from Gavin Buckett, Australian Food Safety Specialist and Gourmet Guardian

“Thinking that you can only get paid while working is like thinking

you can only listen to music while someone is playing an instrument.”

-   Steve Pavlina


I have a collection of my favorite quotes called Exponential Words Of Wisdom, that are business related. I am looking for comments posted to this post to create a stream of miscellaneous quotes – just for fun! In a previous post I started a list of truisms. Either one is a good place to submit your contribution!