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101 Inspirational thoughts

In a previous post, I evangelised that you BECOME the Inspiration

I got quite a few (private) responses to that post that triggered finding the list below…

Have you noticed that once you MAKE A DECISION to do ‘something’, magic starts to happen? You find stuff to help you out, people send you e-mails or call you to give you another missing piece of the puzzle…

Yeah I know it’s powerful stuff, but a discussion for another day.

Today, I want to give you list that I came across while I was training for the 2008 World Masters Squash Championships… I think, no make that I KNOW you’ll appreciate it.

Onward and upward!


If you come across lists like this, please pass them on and share them – they are much more powerful and influential when SHARED… Plus they make awesome Blog Posts!

Joe Shaw’s Mental Tip of the Day

101. The path to success consists of knowing your outcome, taking action, knowing your results and having the flexibility to change until you are successful.

100. A winner walks into the desert and views a garden.

99. The best committee is a committee of three with two absent.

98. A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

97. Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.

96. Lead me not into temptation, for I shall find it myself.

95. Don’t straighten up the mess or you will foul up the system.

94. Only someone who knows where you come from can take you where you going.

93. It is only the mind’s capacity to believe what is possible that limits the body’s ability to achieve it.

92. Complacency is the short route to extinction.

91. People who say it can’t be done should not interrupt people doing it.

90. Happiness lies not on having what you want – but wanting what you have.

89. When you are captured by a cause, reason and tolerance disappear.

88. He who only fills stomach lets head go hungry.

87. You only fail when you have given up.

86. Learn to command by learning to obey.

85. From the moment you decide no one will defeat you – no one can defeat you.

84. It’s the last blow of all that drives the nail home.

83. If you are afraid of taking risks you join the society of failures.

82. Never lose a single chance. It doesn’t come everyday.

81. The dreams of the future are better than the history of the past.

80. Your positive thoughts should be continually re-charged and only you can do that.

79. Your problems are merely opportunities to build your future.

78. The way to prosper suddenly is by the other person’s errors.

77. The path to success consists of knowing your outcome, taking action, knowing your results and having the flexibility to change until you are successful.

76. No matter how much we believe in a concept we must remain open to other possibilities and continuous learning

75. The first step towards excellence is to find the beliefs that guide us to the result we want

74. Belief is the foundation of excellence

73. Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of pre-determined worthwhile goals

72. I love my work – it enables me to enjoy poverty

71. The fault is not in our stars – it’s in ourselves

70. If you can control your thoughts – your body follows

69. Past thoughts equal present performance – present thoughts equal future performance

68. You become what you think of most of the time

67. Performance = self esteem

66. Without a leader you are a body without a head

65. Players are divided into three groups: 1. Those who make things happen, 2. Those who watch things happen, 3. Those who wonder what happened

64. Obstacles are the negative things you see when you take your mind off your goals

63. If it is to be – it is up to me

62. The past is the dream of yesterday – The future the dream of tomorrow

61. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and prove it

60. I’m not disorganised – just flexible

59. He that can rule his tongue shall live without strife.

58. A diplomat is someone who thinks twice before saying nothing.

57. Commitment – To be a winner all you need to give is all you have.

56. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

55. Perception is all there is – There is no reality.

54. Where you stand on an issue depends on where you sit.

53. Height is only measured from the neck upwards.

52. Loyalty is above all values.

51. Anybody who isn’t confused doesn’t know what is going on.

50. Only the pain of a hard workout will save you the agony of defeat.

49. People often say that they have found themselves – but the self is not to be found. It is created.

48. Depression is self pity – elation is self glorification.

47. When all is said and done – there is more said than done.

46. Like pins, sports people are useless when they lose their heads.

45. A junior sports person’s hardest task is to learn manners without seeing any.

44. The greatest undeveloped territory in the world is under a sports person’s headband.

43 A player can lose many times but he is only a failure when he blames somebody else.

42. Some sports people are like blotters – they soak up everything then get it all backwards.

41. Prior planning prevents poor performance.

40. If it’s too tough – play marbles.

39. A habit cannot be tossed out of a window. It must be coaxed downstairs one step at a time.

38. You will have more spic – if you have less span

37. There is never enough time to do it correctly, but always enough time to change it.

36. The unhappiest man is the one whose expenditure of words is too great for his income of ideas.

35. Call me decisive – but never before noon.

34. A sports person who never reaches the top is similar to a bachelor – he never finds out how many faults he has.

33. Don’t give up – often it’s the last key in the bunch that opens the door.

32. If you don’t shine as you think you should – try cleaning the light before blaming the power station.

31. Drinking doesn’t drown sorrow – it irrigates it.

30. Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

29. The man who sings his own praises is a soloist.

28. If you want to break a bad habit – drop it.

27. When you argue with a fool – make sure he isn’t similarly engaged.

26. Excuses are worthless. Your coach won’t accept them and your opponents don’t need them.

25. If at first you don’t succeed – you’re like a lot of other sports people.

24. An acre of performance is worth a world of promise.

23. Why worry about which side your bread is buttered on – you eat both sides.

22. If we never make mistakes – we never make anything.

21. The pathway to enlightenment is not in the destination but in the journey.

20. Bad luck is just another name for poor performance.

19. The sports person who rests on his laurels is wearing them in the wrong place.

18. God gave us two ends – one to sit on and one to think with. Why do we get them confused?

17. The only people you should want to get even with are those who have helped you.

16. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

15. Don’t stand on your dignity – it often slips.

14. Ignorance is when you don’t know something and someone finds out you don’t know.

13. Advice is something all players need, we sometimes give, and we rarely ask for and seldom take.

12. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

11. It’s not the hours you put into your sport but what you put into the hours.

10. The player who proves to be as meek as a lamb always ends up in a stew.

9. Wisdom is remembering all of the time that you are a bit of a fool.

8. Learn from mistakes of others. You haven’t got time to repeat them.

7. It’s never too late to learn, but sometimes we learn when it’s too late.

6. It’s no good looking ahead unless you walk that way.

5. The player who aims at nothing always hits the mark.

4. The road to success has many travellers because so many people get lost trying to find the short cuts.

3. Opportunity never knocks for those not worth a rap.

2. The only thing that will come to a kid who waits is whiskers.

1. Great thinkers with knowledge will always encounter violent opposition from administrators with mediocre minds.


Become the inspiration

There is no time like the present to ‘BECOME the inspiration’.

There are two stories being played out in the media these days: (1) the financial and stock market meltdown and (2) the catalyst for change – President Elect Barack Obama.

You’ve heard enough about the financial fiasco, but you might not appreciate the Obama story and how it can apply to you…

BECOME the inspiration.

That’s right, when you get depressed or discouraged, BECOME the inspiration that others look toward for THEIR guidance, leadership and motivation.

BECOME the inspiration.

Think, act and feel as though YOU are the source of power, intelligence, solutions and boundless possibility.

Deepak Chopra said it best when he said:

Release yourself from the expectation of the outcome so you can tap into a discontinuity gap in the universe to instantly synchronise with a non-local correlation that will trigger a quantum leap of creativity and innovation to help you manifest infinite knowledge and boundless possibilities enabling a conspiracy of improbabilities that create your ultimate destiny.

Easier said than done?

Actually I think you’d agree that in this case it’s easier done than said!

With that in mind, trust your ‘gut’ instinct and do what is brave, courageous and adventurous without being reckless. Do what you know is right and needs to be done.

BECOME the inspiration and you’ll be fuelled with energy, enthusiasm and passion like never before. People will reward you in magical ways by following your lead when you…

BECOME the inspiration.

Onward and upward!

This is a concept about ‘being’ – let your intuition guide you. If you don’t know how to do this, you need to read Laura Day’s book called “Practical Intuition”. It’s a great book with a title that is self-explanatory.

It’s for anyone who knows that if they tap into their greater sense of self, they can be truer to who they are and as a result produce better results with a greater sense of authenticity and sense of ‘wellbeing’.

I realise this might be little ‘out there’ as a concept, but you know as well as I do that there are countless moments when you have a choice to make and when ‘inspired’ or ‘unmotivated’ it’s easy to take the easy way out, one that sub-optimises the result or outcome…

Make the RIGHT decision that you KNOW and FEEL is right and just observe how that transforms who you are, how others see you and the results you produce.

In these tumultuous times, there is no greater need for inspirational leaders which brings me back full circle to President Elect Obama – he is an inspiration to hundreds of millions AROUND THE WORLD because this is HIS TIME to..

BECOME the inspiration.

Make it your time too.


Inspiration is a two-way street

Today’s post is from Gulliver. Gulliver works with me as our Results Catalyst.

Please note: Only edits for style have been made.

I realised today reading your Personal Mastery blog, that even though you play at a higher level, you face challenges just like me, you aren’t invincible, you aren’t superhuman.

I never thought of you before as someone who could “not win”.

Seeing that vulnerability inspired me, because in business, even though there might be no one who can compete with you, the people who let you down are your vulnerability.

Having to depend on people who don’t believe in themselves as much as you believe in them…

I have been one of them, maybe not as much as others but nevertheless I have impeded your progress with my failure to meet the standards I need to meet to succeed.

I used to have a freak out before every[(Tae Kwon Do] belt grading, but Graham [martial arts master] would say “if I am asking you to grade, you’ve already passed”.

I remember one day thinking to myself, “s_ _ _, Gulliver, he’s a freaking 5th Dan Black Belt who are you to argue?”

I still got nervous but I threw myself at every grading like I had no fear.

I need to adapt that to what I do here, if you are asking me to do it, it isn’t just possible, if YOU think it can be done, it already HAS been done.

Raising the bar to the required standard sometimes seems an almost insurmountable obstacle, especially if you “want it” but don’t believe you are capable.

Then when someone like Marc or Graham says, “you can do it” you stand in the shadow of the mountain of their achievements at the clouds above and think, REALLY?

It was like that in my relationship with Graham too, but he’s been doing it for 20 years, it’s easy for HIM.

Sometimes, OFTEN I have thought “but that’s easy for Marc to say, he’s a sales machine, a millionaire, a genius, there’s no one like him, how can I aspire to that level?”.

His expectations are just… TOO HIGH.

But today I realize something about business success, that I knew already about martial arts, luck, genius, natural talent has nothing to do with success.

You got where you are the same way I am getting where I want to be, by taking it on the chin sometimes, by failing and trying again.

I sorta forgot about logic, that everyone starts as a white belt, even guys like Marc.

That means I really can be more like you, one day. It isn’t impossible… unless I give up on myself

As a martial artist and in my life I want to be a true warrior, a great salesperson, and from what I can tell so far they are very similar…

And to excel I need your leadership, which means I needed to be able to be led, I am coachable, but like all people I sometimes lose belief in myself.

But when self belief runs out I discovered I can push myself to do things, out of the loyalty I feel toward you for the time you spend on me, that makes me able to do things I perhaps was not able do for myself.

Here is a Martial Arts Analogy

You are the Martial Arts Master, I am the student, what would I do to make sure I honored your mentoring?

What wouldn’t I do to meet the grade if this was Tae Kwon Do?

Once in the sparring ring at a grading at the parent club, I once shrank inside, quivered when I had to spar Graham, my master.

As you get more experienced you begin to realise your opponents capacity to destroy, you feel your vulnerability more keenly.

In a split second I rallied and executed a jumping turning spinning heel technique (which was far ahead of my grading material) which whizzed past his nose surprising everyone in the room most of all me…

[Click here to see the technique on YouTube].

As you can imagine that takes some doing, but never having done it before, having fallen in class trying to pull it out, what a stretch it was!

I realized later that Graham is waiting for the day I can beat him, that he LOOKS FORWARD TO IT and that to be worthy of him I needed to give like this all the time.

And on that day, I committed that I would never back down, that I would give 100% in everything I did in his class because I wanted to honor him.

I pulled a move I had never successfully executed in class and made it FLAWLESS because I didn’t want to let Graham down in front of HIS master. Every time Graham brings a student to grade, HE is being graded.

Like I said, I can use this distinction when I feel low to rally.

Would I fail to step into the ring and spar if Graham asked me?


Will I fail to step into the ring when you ask me?


Thank you for being my teacher.