Professor Dr Malcolm Simons RIP

I’ve blogged about Professor Dr Malcolm Simons on this and other blogs several times. I am sad to say Malcolm passed away on 25 January 2012, at 10.14 pm.

“Dear Friends,

He was surrounded by family and friends and achieved his wish to die peacefully and with dignity. He did this (as always) on his own terms, and those with him felt privileged to witness such a beautiful exit.

While his family is heart-broken and will miss him terribly, they are extremely proud of him. As Mal’s life was lived almost entirely in overdrive, with such passion and untiring focus, none of us really believed in our heart of hearts that he’d achieve the serene departure we were honored to be part of.

We invite you to the celebration of Malcolm’s life at 10.30am, on Thursday, February 2, at the Katsumata Centre at Kardinia International College, Geelong. Further funeral details will follow. See Saturday’s Age and Geelong Advertiser.

Love Ann and Family”

Please click here to access a Legacy Interview I recorded with Malcolm only a few short months ago, on 11 November 2011.

There is an audio recording you can download as well as a word-for-word transcript. It is Malcolm’s gift, part of his enduring legacy.


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  • You fought the Good fight cousin Malcolm,……you were a gift to humanity,……I will do my best to follow on with some of the family DNA,… bring about justice in the area of a worthy financial conclusion, and recognition, for your life’s work.

    I know you are at Peace with family and friends that have gone before you, Heaven.

    Cousin John B

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