Now this is a view!

This is one of my favorite images – I know the saying is trite that a picture is worth a thousand words… I can’t even fathom how many words this one’s worth! I know the Burj Dubai is now complete and is a magnificent building, but this picture captures the ultimate scale of it all.

The Ultimate View - Babu On Top Of The World

The Ultimate View - Babu On Top Of The World


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  • Imagine going to work in that crane every morning?
    Babu would be literally on top of the world every moment on the job.

    So, there has to be a lesson here, apart from the view.

    Assemble the team
    Block out the noise of the knockers
    Dig deep, but not too deep to get buried in the sand before you really start
    Make the foundations good. Broad, solid
    Build it up, slowly at first
    One floor at a time, climb out of the ground.
    Install the basics,suitable for the task ahead, “light, power, water,
    Keep building.
    Deal with the unforseen problems as they arise, but keep going
    Batten down when the inevitable “sandstorms” get whipped up.
    When the sun comes out and the storm abates, blow away the sand. Dust yourself off.
    The structure is starting to take some form, so keep at it.
    The support team behind begins to fill in the walls and windows as the advanced party moves on!
    There are casualities!
    Whats that I see in the distance, unexplored territories?
    The air is getting thinner up here,and it is bumpy, but no masks fall from the console above.
    When you’re up this high you’re on your own.
    There are no masks.
    Only you, your dreams and your God!
    And it’s dark!
    So take food and take shelter and take rest
    But keep going.
    Below,way below, they are starting to notice……………. pay attention.
    They ask, who is that?
    You sense followers, but can’t be sure
    You are up so high the nights are shorter,
    Keep going.
    Winds buffet
    More steel, strong, flexible, but every sinew stretches stretches, because now you can almost touch it.
    Momentum, slow, but momentum
    Smell it.
    Just when you’re nearly spent, supporters rally, a push for the summit
    Smell it.
    Smell it. Push onward!
    More momentum

    Fumble for your flag.
    Hang on, no fingernails
    Touch it.
    Plant the flag.
    You can see over the horizon………..forever.

    They call your name.

    You did it……….. and it’s beautiful

    Never, never, never come down.


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