How To Improve Your Results INSTANTLY by doing what’s bugging you

Your 1 percent improvement for today is quick and easy – do what’s bugging you and get it out of the way, right now. You have multiple things on your to do list that have been carried over (over and over and over). Several of them are quick and easy to get rid of.

Get rid of them and witness the relief and sense of satisfaction you get. It’s disproportionate and AMPLIFIED…

I’ll talk about that in my next post, but for today, let me give you some of my simple examples:

  • Get the Airport Wireless and Time Capsule setup at home. This was on my ‘to do’ list for 2 months… I finally decided to buy it and in less than 5 minutes it was up and running. This means my backups are GUARANTEED and I can now work on the balcony on beautiful days… WOW!
  • Get the new ultra-high speed wireless modem for my laptop. I’ve been using wireless at hotels and event venues, but each time it’s a risk and sometimes ridiculous costs. It took me 20 minutes to make the purchase (deciding on the contract) and 10 minutes to install and test. Phew, this was one of those annoyances that affected where I can stay when I take my workations…
  • Clean up my swipe files, A swipe file is a collection of great ads, copy, letters, articles… I gather them in a ‘special drawer’ and then insert them into the ‘special binders’ I have. (I teach and show this in my Killer Kopywriting Workshops). Now that it’s done, I feel a sense of relief.
  • Buy bigger quantities of non-perishable foods so that I don’t run out of anything I want. This doesn’t take more time, it’s just a question of DOING IT!

Stay tuned for how magnification plays a role in all of this – that’s the next blog post!


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  • Hi Marc
    THis is a great way to build momentum! In NLP terms, as long as these things stay on our To Do list, they are open loops in our head. Every open loop takes energy. Once the task is completed, the loop closes and does no longer suck energy from you. Hence you have more going around to apply to other tasks. Let me prove it to, another example of an open loop is a story that hasn’t been finished, like the TV series that ends on a cliffhanger or the friend that started telling an engaging story and got interrupted, your unconsciuos mind looks for the end until it is supplied, so it is constantly on your unconscious mind taking “processor capacity” until resolved. So I agree finish those tasks and watch the extra energy it gives you.

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