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Due Tomorrow – Do Tomorrow


Tweet - Procrastination



Two Words

If you could write to your younger self, using only two words, what would they be?
Respond by placing a comment below.

Note to yourself - Two words


And the Oscar goes to…

Every once in a while you witness something special – at this year’s Oscars, Matthew McConaughey wowed me with his acceptance speech for Best Actor. It is well worth the 3 minute investment.

I think his sources of inspiration are powerful and priceless:

  1. Have someone to look up to.
  2. Have someone to be proud of you.
  3. Have a hero to aspire to become – YOU in 10 years from now… WOW!

There are many life-defining moments, statements, incantations, words of wisdom and mantras.

#3 for me is priceless and timeless – embracing the concepts of gratitude and excellence from within.

That is an acceptance speech worthy of its own Oscar!


Your perception is your reality

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

Perception - As we are

This is one of those quotes that for me, recently, has been life changing – literally.

I have known and understood that YOUR perception is YOUR reality for a long time, but what and how that perception is warped and distorted has just recently come to light with the full appreciation of its influence. Several recent books have assessed and analysed this with fMRI and other analysis techniques to reveal the neurological evidence of how profound this new distinction is.

Not only is it based on how you are feeling right now, but it’s also been shown scientifically to be based on your personality predispositions which we have known for decades affects behaviour. What was not known is that perception is also distorted…

So that brings up the all-important question: Is it the distorted perception that creates the behaviour or is it the other way around?

Instinctively, I am in the perceiver camp – your perception affects your behaviour since I believe that you need to have a view of the world BEFORE you take action. That distorted, warped, modified, filtered perception is YOURS and ONLY yours.

Therein lies the challenge we all have – to reconcile our behaviour (our actions) within different and sometimes opposing (perceived) realities.

That being said, dealing with introspective insights like this is part of the journey we are all on. How you use and leverage them is what makes our Platinum Program unique and special. Imagine having access to this level of insight, self-reflection and awareness to truly craft the life(style) you want for yourself and your family…

It’s easier said than done, but with access to cutting edge research that is transforming how we see the world and ourselves, you will enter a journey of self-discovery that I promise will not only be enlightening, but equally rewarding – financially, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, socially and personally.

A holistic approach to life is no longer a “new age” approach. It is the only way to approach success and achievement.


New Year’s Resolutions Cartoon

I don’t know if you “do” New Year’s Resolutions, but I do… It’s one of a handful of strategies that changed my life – literally.

New Year's Resolutions Cartoon

It’s a quick and easy thing to do, the challenge is to stick with it beyond February 1st!

Most people can’t even list 5 of their top 10 New Year’s Resolutions by the time Valentine’s Day comes around… Which reflects the poor results they get, however those that DO remember them achieve much more.

How much more?

A LOT more. I have developed a New Year’s Resolutions ‘system’ that I call My Best Year Ever. Click on the hyperlink and have a look. It’s not to late to make 2014 YOUR best year ever.



Running out of time for THIS year’s resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions, ResolutionsDid you make New Year’s Resolutions last year?

How’d you go with them?

Can you even remember what they were?

Do you feel like time has gotten away from you, sometimes spinning out of control?

If you’re like most people, you do it as an annual ritual (if you think about it in time) and then once they are ‘done’, you quickly forget about them.

I’ve devised a simple and easy program to make sure you not only create your list of New Year’s Resolutions, but stick with them and achieve more of them.

Click on one of the hyperlinks and decide that 2014 will be your best year ever!


Are you going to make New Year’s Resolutions for 2014?

New Year’s Resolutions are one of the easiest ways to set the wheels of success in motion. They can be the catalyst to create your ultimate dream destiny…

New Year's Resolutions

What if…

Those are two very powerful words.

Here’s the thing. Some people get what they want while others don’t.

  • It’s infuriating to know someone dumber than you is out-performing you in business or school.
  • It’s aggravating to have someone less physically capable beat you at your favorite sport.
  • It’s perplexing to see someone who started with less money than you build a ‘fortune’ that allows them to have the luxurious, stress-free lifestyle you’d like to have.

What if… you could learn how to accomplish all your goals?

What if… it took less than 5 minutes a week to implement?

What if… the strategies were proven and tested?

What if… they cost LESS than going to McDonald’s?

Just let yourself imagine those words.

Let your thoughts wander.

New Year's Resolutions, Resolutions, Wish List, Dream List, Vision Board

Listen to what you would say in the privacy of your own mind.

Feel what it would be like to have those things most important to you.

What if… You believed it was possible.

What if… You learned the strategies, techniques and tips you need.

What if… You applied them, one day at a time.

What if… You achieved one goal, then another, then another.

How different would your life be?

How much more could you do and contribute to others?

What if… you had a system to make them all come true?

What if… I gave you the link – would you make 2014 your best year ever?

Why not give yourself this Christmas gift?


Goal To Be Reached – Bruce Lee

I love inspirational quotes like this one. Especially when it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions.  We all need motivation and inspiration to create our ultimate destiny…Goal To Be Reached - Bruce Lee


Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication

Maria Gracia Web Photo

Maria Gracia

Today’s blog post is provided by the “Queen Of Organizing”, Maria Gracia.

Do you find yourself drawn to the elegant, peaceful room photos in home magazines and online? Do you look at gorgeously put-together people and wonder how on earth they manage it?

Do you find yourself at the point of chaos on a daily basis, and long for something a bit less frantic?

Habits that encourage simplicity are a fantastic way to fulfill a desire for elegance and sophistication in every area of life. Consider the following:

1) Simplicity in Your Spaces

Whether at work or at home, maintaining only those items that you find useful or beautiful leaves you with streamlined spaces that feel inherently more peaceful. Consider taking a snapshot of your current spaces. Then spend a bit of time mentally creating the space you’d love to walk into. You may be a lot closer to your ideal than you initially think. From streamlining, to simple rearrangement, to painting and refurbishment, you can simplify to your ideal point of beauty and serenity.

At work, treat your spaces as a peaceful extension of home. Do you need to reorganize your files or desktop? What could be visually simplified to be more functional? Something as simple as condensing personal photos from multiple frames or pin-ups into a single flip-style photo album can bring polished refinement to the space. A single fantastic mug, your favorite pen, a lovely plant… having one great version of your useful tools lets you enjoy the restful simplicity of your workspace, regardless of the busy pace of your tasks.

2) Simplicity in Your Schedule

Examine your obligations and commitments. Are you feeling frantic because you’re living in the thick of thin things?

Sometimes it’s necessary to streamline your schedule, and carefully include activities that restore your sense of
worth and fulfillment. It’s nice to be needed, but be frank: are you saying yes to every invitation because you feel insecure about your own worth? Seeking simplicity in how you use your time can restore a better balance, and help you focus on commitments that make the most of your
unique abilities, and fulfill both your needs and the needs of others.

Are there patterns to your work life, positive or negative?

Look for ways to streamline your use of time at work, and you’ll be on your way to your goal of the in-control, relaxed work style you crave. This could be as easy as printing shipping labels at your desk and arranging package pickups, rather than running out to the shipping carrier three times a week, or grouping all your email correspondence for a half-hour block early in the day. Small changes toward simplicity in your use of time can make a big impact on the rest of your day.

3) Simplicity in Your Habits

It’s too easy to add, add, add. Take time to refine your habits, remove lingering remnants of old habits, and gain a more polished end result. Find the three cleaning products you love and use most, and toss the rest. Find the health or beauty regimen that suits your needs best, and free yourself from the dregs of past attempts. Curate a simple wardrobe that meets your daily needs and delights your personal sense of style, and clear out everything that doesn’t work for you.

Have you fallen into ruts with your habits at work?

Choose just one aspect of your work life and find a way to restore conscious simplicity to your habit. Something as small as requesting email-receipt notification for only the most vital messages, or training yourself to write focused, clear messages and email can bring greater efficiency to your communication habits, and a much more graceful pace to your work.

4) Simplicity in Your Mind

Many times, outer chaos is just a signal of inner turmoil. Cultivate your inner sophistication with the studied use of ‘mind-drain’ brainstorming and project lists when you’re feeling overwhelmed, with choosing to express gratitude or thanks in the moment, rather than at some later date, or
with relaxation and meditation practice. ‘Inner peace’ looks different for every person, but everyone can take one chaotic element and choose a different way to handle those stresses. Being able to find serenity within your own mind, regardless of your external circumstances, is a fantastic
key to greater refinement and simplicity in even challenging circumstances.

In pursuit of your ideal lifestyle, where will you seek the ultimate sophistication of simplicity?


Good and bad habits of smart people

Ever wonder how smart people differ from the rest of “us”? Check out the Infographic below that reveals habits based on IQ.

Good Habits, Bad Habits, IQ and Habits

Thank you to Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours for sending this through. You may or may not know that more than 60% of this and my other blogs‘ content is user-submitted. If you come across any interesting content, send it through and you’ll gain a valuable backlink to your website or blog.