Antimimeticisomorphism: Hong Kong Apartment Example

Farhad Khurshed a Sydney Copywriter is one of the many people who make this blog the success that it is. With more than 50% user-generated content, I am able to keep offering you intriguing, interesting and creative ideas. This short YouTube video shows what you can do when you are an architect with an Exponential Mindset™.

Antimimeticisomorphism: Hong Kong Apartment Example


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  • This is an excellent example of getting the most out of what many would only see as a limitation. Every combination works. And he took it way beyond normal and made it outstanding.

    This is exactly what we aim to do for our clients. Australian Electronics Manufacturers operate without any overall strategic direction, export rebates, tax breaks or industry policy at the governement level and yet they have continued to grow in spite of this. Through Innovative Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development we can deliver new product designs that create opportunities where others only see problems.

    It is great to see that this happens architecturally too.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Award Winning Electronics and Embedded Software Development

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